The Tale of "That's So Confetti "

TL;DR: We're a family of three mostly-humans, and two pups, who are just crazy enough to believe that people might like wearing our Little Lady's sayings and designs on a shirt. Or seeing them on a mug. Or whatever.

Full story: One day, we were all spending time in the living room together, and Little Lady was working on a craft, using a rather generous amount of confetti. She took a moment to examine her work and said:
"Damn, bro, that's so confetti."
"Excuse me?"
"Damn, bro, that's so confetti."
After having a moment of conversation about appropriate words, we continued with our day.

But I couldn't get the phrase "Bro, that's so confetti" out of my head, and I made a Facebook post about it.
Some of our friends mentioned that they would like a t-shirt of it.
Dude and I have spent much of our career life in the marketing and promotional world.
Thinking of how Little Lady has wanted to take either dance or gymnastics lessons, I wondered if this might be an excellent way to fund that.

She is continuously making us chuckle with her funny little sayings and made-up words. Almost everyone she meets comments on her incredible imagination... I say with absolutely no bias or pride. *cough*

The Design

I knew I had at least five things I could make into a design.

They are quirky. They are abstract. Most people will wonder what they mean... and honestly, isn't that kind of the fun of it?

Her Reaction

"Really? I have my own website?"

We ran it by her, and she loved the idea, wanting to give artistic input and direction. (She really, really, REALLY loves giving directions. *sigh*)

So here we are.

We are giving this a go — a store based on the musings and creations of a Little Lady and her two parents.

In her words? "Bro, that's so confetti."